Health & Wellbeing

give your loved ones the very best of you.

Why is your well-being and taking care of your mental, physical and emotional health so important when you are a carer?

While your caring role can provide many rewards it can also be difficult to manage.  As a carer, you are pushed to your physical and mental limits on a regular basis. Unlike other people, in your ‘job’, you rarely get a break and are on call 24/7.

You face a very real risk of developing your own chronic health challenges for a variety of reasons. Burnout, long-term stress, forgetfulness, business and the fact it is so common that carers put themselves last are all factors that will lead to ‘dis-ease’.

This can be managed but it does take inner strength, setting boundaries, accepting and reaching out for help, routine and having self-care a high priority for you.  If you are not okay, they will not be okay.  


Taking great care of your own health will be the most valuable gift you can give.

Most of us know that in order to have positive health and well-being it is essential that we nourish our bodies. Good nutrition including fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein and good fats is vital to our well-being.

As a carer, you are at high risk of excessively high-stress levels and self-neglect. You are so busy looking after everyone else that you neglect to take care of yourself. Self-neglect can have a snowball effect, lead to poor outcomes for your physical and mental health and may negatively affect the person/s who you are caring for.

Carers are in it for the long haul and therefore they need a long-term multifaceted strategy to be able to manage their own health and well-being. To help to maintain physical and mental health, is it vital that carers learn to value their own needs as highly as they value the needs of the people around them. As carers learn to put themselves as a priority and surround themselves with an effective support network, they are better placed to have the capacity to provide the best care to their loved ones.

Well-being looks different from person to person and what suits you may not suit the next person. At The Carers Place, we believe there are many factors crucial to achieving balance and well-being. These are not the same from person to person and can be ever changing.

Here are our four crucial pillars that we know support positive, balanced and healthy caregivers and families: