Sponsorship Opportunities

The Carers Place is providing opportunities for partnerships to be formed with quality businesses via Corporate Sponsorship and via a Directory Service (coming soon).  While we promote your quality services, you will be contributing to affordable quality education for people living with Special Needs, Chronic Illness & Disability.

Do you provide services for families living with Special Needs, Chronic Illness and Disability?

The Carers Place is providing families with innovative access and connection to quality services like yours across Australia.

We want you . . .

We are interested in partnering with businesses who provide quality services online or in the community.

Examples of businesses include, but are not limited to:

  • All Allied Health Professionals ie. Social Workers, Psychologists, OT’s, Dietitians, Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and more.
  • Complimentary Therapists ie. Naturopath’s, Herbalists, Nutritionists,  Homeopathic’s.
  • Other Providers including Counsellors, Coaches and Mentors
  • Disability Care ie Support Workers, Mentors, Respite and more.
  • Medical Professionals: Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and Therapists
  • Domestic Professionals including Cleaners, Cooks/Chefs, Educators, Organisers etc
  • NDIS Providers welcome
  • Educators & Aides including therapy tools, wearable tech, wheelchairs & mobility tools etc

The Sponsorship

As a sponsor, you will have access to potential new clients and will have the opportunity to build your reputation and trust within an engaged and growing community.  Your sponsorship provides you with the opportunity to:

Be connected with families who are ready to engage with your products and services.

Be of service to parents and carers where you have the opportunity to showcase your expertise, share your experiences and provide demonstrated value to potential clients.

Create special offers, advertise events and have the opportunity to share your content through interviews, workshops, blogging and the Podcast.

Have your services actively promoted to a warm market AND the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise with a large community.

Meet & get support from other business owners and professionals in the same industry.

Connect and collaborate with other like-minded service providers, ask business questions, have the opportunity to cross promote, build referral relationships and so much more.

More about TCP and the sponsorship opportunity

TCP is a social enterprise supporting and educating parents, carers and their families with a focus on optimal mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing for all.

We provide an online service for carers, addressing chronic isolation factors that prevent families from accessing quality support, training and connection with peers. During 2018 our services are being implemented within homes and communities across Australia.

A major objective of TCP is to provide pathways and connection for carers and their families with quality service providers in the community.

Many carers and parents are unaware of services that exist and this is complicated by a feeling of not being worthy to access services. We are working to change this mindset.

Our soon to be released membership is a parent and carer education and support program and will be launched in September 2018.  Support and education will be provided to carers and parents online by professionals just like you.  Education and support will be solving the challenges families are facing now and will then be accessible in our library where members can access in their own time.  Organic referrals for contributing businesses will be a significant positive for you.

This is your opportunity to create a real and lasting impact on this vulnerable demographic while growing your business.

Sponsorship Features

A place on our exclusive Directory (Public Website)

A company/business feature on our Home Page

Your EVENTS to be placed on the TCP Events Page

Opportunity to provide promotional offers, give away’s and specials to The Carers Place Community

Two posts on the Public Facebook Page per month
(content provided by you)

Contribute to The Carers Place by way of guest blogging

The opportunity to provide up to three workshops for use in our online programs and membership with direct links to your website and social media channels

An interview with Cassie for The Carers Place Podcast

Direct referral to the Directory from the private FB community ‘Parents and Carers Connect’

Two features per sponsorship year in our newsletter
(content provided by you – advertisements welcome)

Private FB Community established for sponsors and partners going live in September 2018

The Carers Place will continue to undertake necessary advertising and promotion to continue to grow it’s audience via marketing campaigns, SEO Optimisation and Networking.

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The Stats and Extra Info

We know you would like to check out some of the stats that matter!  As at 1 March 2108 here are some of the numbers: 


The Parents and Carers Connect FB Community has over 800 members and is growing each day.

During February 2018, the engagement was in excess of 6000 in this group alone.

The Public FB Page also had the reach of approximately 6000 with approximately 3000 post engagements.

We have approximately 1700 Instagram followers.

Paid has not occurred to date, however, is planned for August 2018 and beyond including full SEO Optimisation, Online Marketing and a Social Media and Web Team to support this activity.


The Carers Place and it’s founder Cassie Day, has featured on a variety of media platforms over the past year as a requested and sought out guest.

Traditional media includes:

Local and national ABC News Programs

Local ABC Radio Programs
(as a guest and expert panellist)

As a featured story on Mamamia.com

As a guest on various podcasts.

Nominee for Ausmumpreneur 2018

Nominee for Carer of the Year 2018

Partnership with Merck ‘s 2018 international ‘Embracing Carers’ social media campaign


During the past year, The Carers Place has enjoyed partnerships and contracts with larger organisations including:

Merck’s international
‘Embracing Carers’ campaign

May – June 2017

Facilitated a 9-Week Self-Designed Online Program ‘The Overwhelm Antidote’
for 12 Members

April 2018 – 1/2 Day
Family Wellness Experience
Live – in the Community for families living with Disability and/or Diagnosis

One word I would use to describe Cassie is super-connector! She is always thinking of ways to connect people for a win-win in business and in life. I feel like this comes from her strong desire to help people which seems to infuse everything she does. Cassie has referred dozens of people to my Naturopathic practice and I see her working her connecting magic in many online business forums we are in together. Jess x

Jessica Donovan

Founder/Naturopath, Natural Superkids and Jessica Donovan Naturopath (formally Energetic Mama)

Cassie Day from The Carers Place has a fighting spirit in business, connection and parenting.  She always maintains the same professional and caring demeanour in all her affairs.  I’ve been blessed to have dealings with Cassie and know she’s a reliable businesswoman and friend.  Cassie has been a wonderful support for my company Balance Books, always connecting, tagging and referring work my way, I’ve lost count on how many new leads have come to us from Cassie’s connectivity.  Good vibes and feelings are always a result of time spent with Cassie Day.

Sally Hams

Founder, Balance Books

Parents and Carers Connect, The Carers Place, has given me the opportunity to develop a soft-entry referral base. Potential clients have formed a relationship with me and contacted me about my services as a result. This has been particularly helpful with those who wouldn’t have thought to try my service before.

Linda Burgess

Social Worker, Highlands Holistic Art Therapy

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