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Welcome to “The Caring Collective”Membership Hub

The Collective is designed to provide ongoing and connected online support and education relevant to carers and their families. We know all too well that the very nature of living with disability, special needs and chronic illness means that getting out and about to events, appointments and workshops can be overwhelming, difficult to manage and beyond a chore for many, especially the main caregiver.

Our membership is unique in that it is provided on a secure online platform and is focussed on achieving optimal mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing for the whole family.  Not only is there a focus on holistic health and wellness but we provide training and support that set’s carers up for success, enables them to be able to better manage their unique situation (be it lifestyle, behaviour management, linking to other products and service providers, self development etc), advocate confidently but also provides access to a variety of experts in the field who have lived experience as caregivers themselves.

For many carers, their primary focus is on those they provide care for and in turn their own health and wellbeing takes a back seat and is put at risk.  Caregiving can be relentless with many experiencing extreme burnout, exhaustion and the development of their own chronic health conditions.  

The Carers Place is passionate about ensuring carers are able to take great care of themselves so they can provide the best care for those they love without risking their own health.

We don’t want you to be the NEXT statistic!

Check out the features of the membership below:




A CHOICE OF MONTHLY LIVE & RECORDED WORKSHOPS ON THE MANY CHALLENGES FACING CARERSAs a part of this unique Hub you have access to a variety of workshops that are live and recorded. These are conducted by a range of professionals and experts, many of whom are, or have been, carers themselves.  We cover everything from taking care of you (health & wellness) including traditional (medical & allied health) and holistic complementary methodologies, confident advocacy, managing stress, behaviour management, building resilience, improved lifestyle and everyday living, money, relationships, communication, community and so much more.


REGULAR OPPORTUNITIES TO HAVE ONLINE “FACE TO FACE” CATCH-UPS WITH OTHER CARERS & PARENTSWe love to chat with others who get it.  The hub gives you the opportunity, in a non-judgemental & safe environment, to meet up online with other parents & carers to talk about the things that matter!  You have the opportunity to discuss and ask for advice on particular issues and reciprocate that by sharing your own experiences too. We focus on the entire family unit because we know you don’t exist in silo’s… what benefits you AND how you can help and support those you care for. If there is an issue or challenge members are facing, we will invite an expert to meet with the community and answer your questions.



When you join The Collective, you are assured that what you say and share is in safe hands. Many carers find it difficult to undertake courses, programs or simply get to workshops in the community as they cannot leave their homes or the timing just don’t work.  Here, you can access the information when you need it AND if it’s not there, we are ready and waiting to support and help you get what it is you need and connect you with the supports that will benefit you and yours.



Because we like to chat and connect in different ways and at different times a major support to The Collective is the Facebook Community set up to host a sacred space for you and your fellow members.  Only members participate in the conversations ensuring your safety at all times.


Meet your facilitator Cassie Day!

Hi there I am Cassie, Founder of The Carers Place

In case you don’t already know me I am the proud mum of two gorgeous teen boys Matthew and Joshua and I have been Matthew’s carer for 16 years.  Matthew has Cystic Fibrosis (CF), has an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and lives with many undiagnosed learning and functional challenges.  

To me people matter, you matter!

My personal and professional experience has shown me that carers and parents of chronically ill, disabled and high needs people seem to slip through the cracks.  Either they aren’t afforded real opportunity to take quality care of themselves, they aren’t actively encouraged to do so, nor have they been shown how.  The primary concern is predominantly on the person they care for.  The real needs of a care rarely feature on the carers radar – this needs to change.

I am here to help you take great care of yourself, of those you love and to help you to better manage the challenges you face as a person and as a carer.

Together with my background in the health and wellness industry, corporate business and my lived experience as a carer I am in a great position to support you. I have seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  I GET IT! 

With me, you are in safe hands and will have access to simple and realistic strategies and resources for you to achieve the best out of your life and for those you love. Connection & communication within our community is vital to me and that is why I bring together a vast range of specialists & experts in their field who have a deep connection to caregiving themselves, mostly through lived experience.

My deepest wish is for carers to gift themselves the love, care, compassion, respect and attention that they would afford to those they love.

In The Caring Collective You Will Enjoy . . .

Brand new workshops, live chats, forums and discussion groups each month with special guest experts while you access it all in the privacy of your own home!


A library of information, hints, tips & recorded interviews, masterclasses & workshops you can access when you need, that can help you now!


A supportive community of carers PLUS links to services in the community. Exclusive access to discounted products & services is included in the membership!




The OVERWHELM ANTIDOTE is an online introductory guided step by step program designed to provide support and education for carers and their families seeking optimal mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing.  Covering everything from self-awareness to sleep, nutrition, gut health (including the gut & brain connection), human behaviour, advocacy, organisation & planning, physical & mental health, communication and connection… The OA will surely set you and your family up for success. 

Topics include:



Identify those things that get in the way of you living your happiest life + Learn why taking care of yourself is important & how you can do it with more ease & less guilt.  


Finally learn how to take control of the way you typically respond to stress, overwhelm & chaos! Get your life and your relationships “back” in this LIFE CHANGING week!


A basic human need is that of connection. We discover how to enrich our lives, enhance our relationships & inner happiness through communication, connection & laughter.


The clutter in our physical and mental environments can get to the point of being debilitating and affecting our mental health!  A fun week with awesome practical steps to “clearing the clutter & clearing the mind!  


Over two weeks we delve into a practical understanding of nutrition and movement and the effects they have on our mental & physical health. Followed up with practical steps to improve the health of our entire family.


Struggling to get your words out? Understanding your rights and how to advocate for others can be incredibly hard.  You will be supported through a process to learn ways to confidently and clearly advocate with less stress.

You will be given access to the materials of this amazing program and can choose to pay a small one off fee to participate in all future live rounds which includes online workshops, group coaching, guidance, live Q&A’s and support.

Is The Collective Right For You?

this is for . . .

  • check-circle-oFor parents & carers ready to make positive changes and connections for themselves and their family
  • check-circle-oCarers who are looking for opportunities to connect and participate in activities with other carers and professionals in the comfort of their own home. 
  • check-circle-oThose who are ready to take control of their lives but are overwhelmed with where to start & what to do
  • check-circle-oPeople who are currently caring for a person who lives with disability, chronic illness and/or has high/special needs – mental, physical or emotional
  • check-circle-oCarers/parents looking for education to support you support those you provide care for AND for supporting your own lifestyle / mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

this is not for . . .

  • times-circle-oParents & carers who don’t want to participate in the community or aren’t open to connecting with others
  • times-circle-oParents & carers who aren’t open to new ideas and ways of coping or who don’t want help
  • times-circle-oNegative People or Negative Attitudes
  • times-circle-oThose who aren’t willing to take steps, while being supported to create positive change.


Foundation Membership Bonuses

Just by joining The Collective as a Foundation Member you get access to the following:

  • checkAccess to the Private Facebook Community
  • checkPrivate access to the Membership Platform, online materials, videos, audio’s, tools, links, live workshops, live forums & other resources.
  • checkFoundation Price for the LIFE of your membership (discounted rate))
  • checkAccess to ‘Overwhelm Antidote’ materials saving over $397 + only pay a one off small fee to participate in all live future rounds
  • checkDiscounts and products to professional services from our Partners and Sponsors
  • check20% off Coa​ching, Mentoring and in home services delivered by The Carers Place

Before joining the program my life was busy and hectic and I never had any time for myself.

This program helped me to manage my time, prioritise and not feel guilty for taking some time for myself. I loved it!

The support of the group was amazing!

Danielle – Mother & Carer


Cassie’s program helped me in my every day-to-day life. It helped me by showing me my strengths and weaknesses personally and professionally. In doing so it helped me work toward bettering myself. 

I personally don’t believe you have to even be a carer to benefit from this program.  

There’s so much that is beneficial from a reflective standpoint to diet and exercise.

A lot of what I have learnt here will be very beneficial to maintaining a healthy mindset through my uni studies.

I don’t recommend this to carers.  

I recommend this to everyone!

Steve – Father & Uni Student

I loved the program and the assistance that has been given and will continue. 

I would recommend the Overwhelm Antidote because it covers a lot of what is needed without being overwhelmed.

It answers all the questions that I needed answering.

Anon Participant – Carer

MEMBERSHIP OPENS: 4 FEBRUARY 2018!The Foundation Membershipis only available for a strictly limited time!

Foundation MembershipThe Caring CollectiveOnly $64.95 $39.95 per Month

  • check-circle-oMonthly Access to The Facebook Community
  • check-circle-oAccess to Live Workshops Each Month
  • check-circle-oAccess to Recorded Workshops & Masterclasses
  • check-circle-oThe Carers Lounge – Live Unrecorded Chat Forums     
  • check-circle-oAccess to a Library of Tools & Resources           


Foundation MembershipThe Caring CollectiveOnly $697 $397 for 12 Months

  • check-circle-oMonthly Access to the Facebook Community
  • check-circle-oAccess to Live Workshops Each Month
  • check-circle-oAccess to Recorded Workshops & Masterclasses
  • check-circle-oThe Carers Lounge – Live Unrecorded Chat Forums
  • check-circle-oAccess to a Library of Tools & Resources



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions just click on the question:

I care for an adult, is this still relevant for me?

Yes, if you are a parent or carer who needs support and guidance.  Our content and resources are universal in nature and are also varied so you can choose the information that is relevant to you and those you care for.

Within the group forum you will potentially find more conversation from carers of young people, but the core issues will be relatable nonetheless.

How long do I have access to the membership?

If you choose to select a 12 month membership – you have access for 12 months with the option to renew at the same low fee.Membership is generally 12 months long to ensure you get the full access and benefits possible.As long as your monthly membership is paid, you will have continued access to the membership, Facebook Community and all of the member benefits.

I don’t know if I have enough time to give to the membership?

Time is always an issue for carers?  We don’t know what could happen tomorrow let alone in the next hour.

That is exactly why we have created the membership!  So you can join in and access what you need when you need it.  Various workshops will be conducted at different times.  To begin with we will play with the times to ensure we can meet a majority of people’s preferred times.

All workshops that are live, will be recorded and stored in the library for playback when the time is right for you.  None of the live chat’s / carers lounge will be recorded however.In addition you will have access to the Overwhelm Antidote that will be facilitated live three times per year, so there is always opportunity to connect and get the most out of your membership.

I don’t know if I can afford this program? How can I get a refund?

Unfortunately only you can answer that question.  

Flexible payment options are available.  

If you are eligible for the NDIS, please check with your Plan Manager as you may be able to pay for it out of your funding.

Refunds are not available on the Monthly Payment Option and you are required to give 30 days notice of your intent to cancel your membership.  If you are on an Annual Membership, you have 28 Days in which to lodge your request for a refund via email with a valid reason  as to why the membership has not been of value to you, to hello@thecarersplace.com.au. 

Refund requests will not be accepted after that time.

What makes you an expert?

Combining my formal qualifications in the health and fitness industry, corporate business where I was a team leader, innovator for change and a HR & OHS&W trainer together with my personal experience in health and lifestyle improvement and as a carer have put me in good stead to help others.

I am incredibly passionate about providing opportunity for carers to take care of themselves. I have learnt many lessons the hard way through raw and sometimes harsh experiences. I know firsthand what works and what doesn’t and want to share my knowledge and experience with you.

However, to ensure you have the best quality experience I have a variety of guest experts contributing to the membership, providing their own unique perspective on the topics and themes we cover.

In addition to our subject matter experts, we also have the pleasure of  Shelly Horlor, Lived Experience Mentor with Psychmed, Registered Nurse and Chronic Health Management Specialist providing support throughout the membership.

I’m still not sure

That is okay.  If you aren’t sure, please don’t spend time worrying. You are welcome to send questions via email hello@thecarersplace.com.au and we can organise a chat if necessary.

If it is not for you this time, why not join the FREE MEMBERSHIP for now?



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