The Caring Collective

An online membership program, providing support and education for families living with Disability, Chronic Illness, complex care and special needs.

Are you just plain tired?

Feeling isolated, alone with no one to talk to?

In need of strategies to help your loved one but can’t get out of the house?

You have no time for yourself.

Maybe you have started to develop your own health issues?

No one gets it or you?

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed, guilty, like a failure and ready to give up?

Are you a parent or family carer of someone with high needs and your pure focus is on their health and wellbeing?

You had no choice to become a caregiver but wouldn’t change it for the world.

You would do anything for your loved one but your energy is fading and you don’t know how long you can go on like this.

You want to run away and hide, right now it’s all just too much.

At The Carers Place (TCP), we get it. We have been there and continue to face similar things to you because we are carers too.

Hi, I am Cassie, founder of TCP AND mum and carer for my son for over 16 years.  I would like to introduce you to The Caring Collective, an online membership designed to provide you and your family with access to quality support, training and information all from the comfort of your own home when the time is right for you.

We engage professionals that span traditional and holistic vocations to ensure you have choice and access to an array of information and services. Many of our professionals are also family caregivers. They have a true lived experience, giving you peace of mind they have a deeper understanding of the complexities and challenges you face on a daily basis.

About the membership

The Caring Collective brings together lived experience professionals engaging in meaningful support and education relevant to both you and your family.

As an online membership, you can access all content including live workshops and private peer support calls from the comfort of your home. All workshops are recorded and stored in a library for you to go back and access as needed.

We know how difficult it can be for parents and carers to get out of the home to simply attend appointments let alone workshops, events and support groups.  That is why we are bringing the support, care and expertise to you!


Workshops facilitated by Guest Allied Health Professionals

A developing library of Interviews, Workshops and Resources

Access to online Health and Wellbeing  Programs

Support and Connection to services for the whole family

Holistic Health & Lifestyle Information, Support and Workshops

Regular Group Coaching and Mentoring

Weekly Q&A / Peer Support and Carer-Lounge Sessions

Exclusive ‘member’ discounts to The Carers Place services

Our Experts, Presenters and Supporters

Our experts are experienced in their field but also have lived experience as parents and carers who understand the challenges of daily life.

In addition to Traditional and Allied Health Professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Nurses and Developmental Educators, we bring a team of professionals who can support you and your family in life.

Our supporters include Naturopaths & Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Fitness Experts, Financial Management Experts, Art Therapists, Holistic Wellbeing Experts and Energy Healers, Relationship Coaches, Support Workers, Parenting Experts and so many more!

Coaching, Mentoring and Peer Support

As the Founder of The Carers Place, a carer & mum of 16 years and an experienced fitness professional and wellness coach, Cassie not only facilitates this amazing community but also provides valuable group coaching, mentoring and peer support for parents and caregivers.

Passionate about parent and carer mental, physical and emotional health, Cassie know’s first hand how hard this can all be and in her own authentic and genuine style, provides the space and opportunity for you to be seen, heard and supported as a valued member of the community and society as a whole.

Topics range from the practicalities of getting through the day and setting your whole family up for success, taking care of yourself (mental, physical & emotional health), confident advocacy, providing linkages and pathways for you to connect with the services you need and all within a confidential supportive forum. 

This is where the magic happens.

What’s in it for you?

Joining as a ‘Foundation Member’ means you get high-quality services at a fraction of the full price AND you have the opportunity to shape the membership as it grows.

You will enjoy:

Connection and friendship with other parents and carers who are or may have already walked in similar shoes to you!

Not only can you connect via the workshops, forums and the Facebook Community you will develop lifelong friendships.  Goodbye, isolation and loneliness.

The opportunity to learn and be educated by health professionals, educators & experienced disability workers (many who are or have been carers) from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits your schedule.

All workshops form part of a growing resource library, you have access to as a member.

Formal and informal opportunities to discuss challenges, share experiences and workshop ideas are provided on the Facebook forum and in the confidential group-coaching live calls (on zoom) reserved for members only.

Just what you need, a virtual cuppa and a chat with others who get it!

What they say . . .


Cassie’s program helped me in my every day-to-day life. It helped me by showing me my strengths and weaknesses personally and professionally. In doing so it helped me work toward bettering myself.

I personally don’t believe you have to even be a carer to benefit from this program.

There’s so much that is beneficial from a reflective standpoint to diet and exercise.

A lot of what I have learnt here will be very beneficial to maintaining a healthy mindset through my uni studies.

I don’t recommend this to carers.  I recommend this to everyone!

- Steve (Father)

*on participating in The Overwhelm Antidote (9-week online program)

What can you expect each month?

Check out an example of what you might expect over a month within The Collective.

This is an example only and will evolve depending on the needs of our members.  In addition to the schedule, there will be other tools and self-paced resources and downloadable tools available,  ongoing interaction, informal Facebook lives and support for members to access the information they need.
The structure is an example only and is subject to change based on participant feedback.


60-90 Minutes

Individual Focus

Planning & strategy



90-120 Minutes


Post-session participant Q&A

Recorded for library

The Circle

Open Q&A / Facilitated discussion

Informal support & mentoring

Accountability & Problem Solving

Link to supports & services


Focus on one THEME for the month. Resources provided, written and visual media

Support, discussion and questions the FB Forum and FB Lives during the month.

Join Us Today!

You can join either with a low upfront investment


Choose to pay 12 monthly payments

Frequently Asked Questions

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I care for an adult, is this still relevant for me?
Yes, if you are a parent or carer who needs support and guidance.  Our content and resources are universal in nature and are also varied so you can choose the information that is relevant to you and those you care for.

Within the group forum, you will potentially find more conversation from carers of young people, but the core issues will be relatable nonetheless.

In addition, the experts we continue to source, will be from a range of backgrounds and fields where you have the opportunity to shape how this looks too through requests and discussion.

How long do I have access to the membership?

To ensure you are able to access the full benefit of the membership, your initial joining period is for a minimum of twelve months.

You have the option of a low upfront fee of $497 or a monthly fee of $49 (AUD).

You can ask for a refund within the first 28 days of joining this membership if you are not satisfied with the service.

I don't know if I have enough time to give to the membership?
Time is always an issue for carers.  We don’t know what could happen tomorrow let alone in the next hour.

That is exactly why we have created the membership!  So you can join in and access what you need when you need it.  Various workshops will be conducted at different times.  Our workshops will be scheduled at different days and times to ensure we can meet a majority of people’s preferred times.

All workshops are recorded (with a separate audio) and will be stored in the library for playback when the time is right for you.

I don't know if I can afford this program?
Unfortunately only you can answer that question.  Flexible payment options are available.

If you are eligible for the NDIS you may be able to pay for it out of your funding under your Capacity Building or Core Supports Budget.

You have 28 Days from initial purchase in which to lodge your request for a refund via email with a valid reason as to why the membership has not been of value to you, to

Refund requests will not be accepted after 28 days.

Foundation Memberships