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Do you know that your food intake not only affects your physical wellbeing but your emotional and mental too?!

Your nutrition has a role to play in your stress response, your ability to sleep, your cognition (brain function) and your energy levels!

In addition, and perhaps even more important, is hydration for every cell in your body!

Watch here and read the info sheet for information and a host of simple ideas you can implement today!

To keep us at our best, we know how important it is to nourish our mind and body!

We also know that to operate at an optimum level and perform every day, we need to consume less of the sweet sugary snacks, processed foods and stimulants such as coffee and chocolate. These products cause issues with your blood sugar levels, contribute to dehydration, will give you a ‘foggy head’ and can lead to chronic burnout and adrenal fatigue (depletion of cortisol, your stress hormone).

For a clear mind and a physically healthy body, it is so important we consume an abundance of whole foods including fresh fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, good fats and lean protein to nourish our body. Doing this will ensure you are setting your body up for success to run at an optimum level.


Consuming at least two litres of water per day is essential for normal bodily functions. Lemon squeezed in a glass of water first thing in the morning is a great way to wake up, is a boost to your immune system and your liver will love you for it. Fail to consume enough and your body will not be able to function properly.

Whole Foods

It is no secret that when it comes to food, fresh and colourful is best. Vitamins/minerals, proteins, fats & complex carbohydrates are essential in our diet. Processed food has excess sugar & chemicals will negatively affect our health. These foods give us an abundance of energy, nourish every organ and contribute to clearer thinking and better overall performance.  Think fruits, vegetables (green leafy’s), other complex carbohydrates like rice and quinoa, lean protein & good fats.  Flavour with beautiful natural herbs and spices and you are on to a winner!

Sugar intake

Did you know that any unused sugar in your body is converted and stored as fat? It contributes to the sluggish feelings that we get and our “mid-afternoon crash”. Should you choose to eliminate processed sugar (or reduce) from your diet, within a week you will be surprised at the difference you notice in your mind, your thoughts and the clarity you will feel. If you need support, health food stores stock a range of homoeopathic drops that will help with the withdrawals you could face.

Good fats and protein

Healthy fats & lean protein will nourish every cell within your body as they are jam-packed full of vitamins and essential minerals. I love nuts, seeds, avocado’s, grass-fed lean meats, pasture raised chicken and deep sea fish like salmon (my favourite). Protein is particularly important for cognitive function. If you don’t consume adequate amounts of protein in your diet, your body will convert your muscle to feed your brain, leading to a lack of energy and stamina.


We didn’t want to overwhelm you however, movement and physical activity are a critical factor in helping manage many stressors in life. For more information go to the wellness section of the website. Link below.





Gratitude: Thank you for the struggles.

How have the obstacles in your life positively shaped you to be the person you are today?

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