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  • Distraction – how does it serve us
  • Self-awareness – how does it show up for us & monitor your behaviours for the next day or so & pay attention
  • Clear the Clutter – does the clutter around the home or from your digital devices messy up your mind and send you into a spin?

NOTE: Worksheet / tools are available in the next tab (to download) and won’t be available in the FB Community.


When we are feeling overwhelmed or faced with something that we perceive as “too hard” or “too much to cope with”, it is not unusual for us to become easily distracted…. Even the dishes can become more attractive than the task at hand.

Distraction can also be a great pattern interrupter for our mind in times of stress and anxiety….acting to keep our minds safe of the stress and emotional overload.

So it’s not all bad and it certainly has it’s place.  It is up to us, as individuals, to determine what is helpful and what is not.

Do you know what things distract you? Over the next 24 hours pay attention to the things that pull you away from what you are doing. This will give you a lot of power moving forward, knowing if it is something you want to change or not. (download the worksheet for help)

In the FB community, we will discuss with each other what our distractions are, if they help or if they are a hindrance. We will also share what tips we might be taking on board to improve this part of our lives.


One of the biggest distractions in modern day is the lure of Social Media and Technology. Smartphones are readily available these days with most households having at least one device.  While they have amazing features and we have access to information like never before. They can breed addiction, disconnection and increase overwhelm.

Hours can be lost simply by having the intention to “check” one thing on the internet (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), something else pops up and you are taken somewhere else.  Before you know it you may have lost an hour or more.

That task that you “needed to get done” suddenly just got bigger, more urgent and then the stress intensifies because “you have too much to do and so little time”.  Trying to avoid this kind of pressure can free up significant amounts of space.

Self-awareness and regulation can help you manage these types of situations.  Trying to avoid this kind of pressure can free up significant amounts of space and time.  Check out the links in the post for apps that can help you with this!


Do you know that devices such as computers, tablets and phones emit “blue light” that interrupts the hormones we produce that prepare us for sleep?

If you must use a computer, phone or television before bed, consider popping on a pair of sunglasses to filter the light.  You can buy special glasses for all ages to help with this, just google “blue light protection”.  You just may get a better night’s sleep!

You can download “apps” to filter the emittance of light too….

For Android check out this link: http://www.guidingtech.com/60491/best-android-night-filters/

A blog post with a variety of options for your different devices here: https://www.cnet.com/au/how-to/stop-your-gadgets-from-keeping-you-awake-at-night/

Gratitude: Feel the appreciation of the day with MUSIC!

I don’t know about you, but for me, music has this amazing capacity to lift me up when I am down and of course “turn my frown upside down”

Can you remember a time when you were feeling low and music pulled you out of a dark place (even just for the moment)?

Do you have a song or songs that really lift you up?  Why not go and play some music now!!

Listen to the video from the 10-minute mark of the video (video is below the image).





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