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WELCOME, WELCOME to ‘Back to Basics’

Please note this program was designed for live participation, however it’s too good not to share and give you the opportunity to do it on your own or with friends at any time you please.

I am Cassie and I will be facilitating the week for you with my colleague Shelly Horlor.

If you aren’t one for watching videos, feel free to skip straight on over to the ‘Information’ tab above in each section!  

Follow each tab in order to get the information you need and then come on over into the Facebook Group to get some support and see where others are at too!!  I look forward to meeting with you and hearing from you during the week.

If you aren’t doing the program live, still come on over to the Facebook Group and share how you are going or ask questions.  You never know who might need to hear from you!

Welcome to the ‘Get Back to Basics’ program!

This week we will be concentrating on a number of area’s in our lives that can either positively contribute to or hinder how we feel and go about our day to day lives.

This will always look different for each of us however the core information is transferable and can be used individually to suit you and your family’s specific needs.

Today (Sunday) you only get access to the Introduction day. From Monday the entire program will be opened up, so if you want to skip ahead to something that is relevant to you now, go right ahead!

The topics:

Mindfulness / Gratitude… but not as you know it!
You get the opportunity to watch an interview with Kirsty Bonner and I, where we discuss how we have the power to control and interrupt our thoughts and raise our vibe – even if for just a moment.  We go through different exercises that are short and sharp each day to help us focus on something specific… Each day we focus on something new and will share with each other in the Facebook Community our thoughts and feelings about the topic.

We identify some of the things that impact on how we live each day, the things that help us, those things that hinder us and how we can use this knowledge to structure our days with less stress and more ease.  Specifically, we start looking at distraction, social media, organisation, planning and how we use our time in the most beneficial way for the whole family.  I like to call this setting ourselves up for success.

During this session we talk about stress, what it is, how it can affect us mentally and physically (and what happens in the body that we can’t see) and some simple ways the whole family can lower their immediate stress levels to get through a particular situation. A fun and enlightening session that will give your whole family some tools you can use straight away!

Here we talk all about the foods, beverages and physical activity that can have a direct impact on our mental and physical health and some of the small changes you can make right now to enhance your own health.  This doesn’t mean going on a “diet” or spending two hours at the gym each day, this is about you and yours getting the best out of the day and setting yourself up for a more restful sleep.

For many of us, sleep is something that we either don’t get enough of OR the quality is so low.  Today we go into some of the mechanics of sleep and setting yourself up to get as a restful nights sleep as possible.  We also visit why sleep is so important for you and your family AND we discuss the effects of poor sleep and sleep habits in the short and long term.

It’s all about you. Setting yourself up for success and nourishing your soul.  This is self-care at the core, however not necessarily as you know it or what you think it might be!

Please watch this interview and know that while it isn’t for everyone I believe is a great way to help bring moments of happiness into your day.

This is an optional part of the program.  

In NO way does it diminish or take away the ‘tough stuff’ that you face everyday.

The purpose is very much about providing you with ways to bring some joy and abundance into your every day and to help you focus on things in your life past and present that make you feel good and happy.

The introduction/setting the scene and precursor for this activity goes up to the 9-minute 15-second mark.

Each day I will have a time stamp so you can just listen to the words specific to that day’s task.

Gratitude: Focus on past triumphs

Close your eyes and take a moment to remember your past triumphs. “What have I done that has gotten me to where I am that makes me feel good”?

Remember and feel the emotion and all that went with it.  Take your time and allow yourself a moment to embrace it.  What did it feel like, what were the best parts, were there distinct smells, tastes – what else captured your senses?

If you need to, check out the video from the 9-minute, 15-second mark as a reminder.

Don’t forget to come and check out the Facebook Live and share your experiences in the Facebook Community.


Each day on The Carers Place Public Facebook Page, Cassie will post a live video about that particular day’s information. Support will be provided there. Today’s will be at 4 pm welcoming you to the program and setting the scene for the days ahead.

The video will be then posted into the private community where you will get more intensive support in a private safe environment away from public eyes.

Each day’s video, once processed will be posted on this platform in the FB Support section.

See below for today’s video.