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Independent Support Coordination


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Here at The Carers Place, we work with you to create a support team that works for you and with you.

All of our staff have a ‘lived experience’ as either a carer or as a person living with a disability or chronic illness.

We are 100% independent providing Support Coordination Services, Carer Well-being Strategies and NDIS Solutions for you and yours.


Independent Support Coordination (NDIS)
We provide critical support, education, guidance and information to successfully implement the services and supports for you throughout the life of your plan.

NDIS Plan Unpack
Making sense of your plan, developing an implementation plan and connection with supports. Usually 90 – 120 minutes.

NDIS Review Readiness
Preparation and Support to have you set up with all of the information and resources you need for your upcoming Plan Review.  Time varies depending on need.

Carer and Family Support
Our services include coordinating and connecting you with supports and services in mainstream community and other government services.  We support your immediate family access what they need to be able to best support you too.

Online & Community Education
We are passionate about families being able to access quality information, support and advice.  We provide online and face to face training and support that includes the NDIS, Carer Health and Wellness and Advocacy.

We are proudly INDEPENDENT and are based in South Australia.

Let's create your circle of supports


We know the value in quality reliable supports, yet how difficult they are to find.

We are super passionate about supporting your whole family because we know you don’t live in isolation.

You are beyond exhausted and are struggling to keep your head above water…. we get it!

Our team thrive on finding solutions for our clients through our creativity, use of professional connection and implementing meaningful supports.

You can access our services face to face, online or over the phone.




A safe space for parents & carers to come together, share experiences, seek help & support one another.

A safe space free of judgment and full of unconditional positive support.


Check out our personally created tools and resources that will support you and your family.

Meal Planners | Hospital Checklists | Medication Charts | Specialist Questions |
Burnout Buster E-Book for Carers!


NDIS – Support Coordination

NDIS – Plan Unpack & Review Readiness

Training and Education

Carer Wellbeing Support

Cassie provides an amazingly positive environment for carers of all sorts of illnesses and disabilities. A safe place to let go of all the failures and celebrate all the triumphant times, too. Many support groups tend to harbour lots of negativity because basically, everyone is having a rough time, however Cassie always finds a way to make sure that you leave feeling uplifted, cared for, and also helps you see that a failure is really your success. Theonie, Wife, Mum & Unpaid Family Carer



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