Connections that make life easier

Support & Services for parents, carers & families living with chronic illness, special needs & disability.

Are you:

>> feeling overwhelmed and confused by government agencies and support systems?

>> tired of not being heard by service providers who don’t take the time to understand what it is you need?

>> disillusioned by the promises made by service providers and the lack of follow through?

>> feeling left behind and that you’re just another number in the system?


If so, you aren’t alone.

At The Carers Place, we’re family carers too and we get it.

We know how important it is to strive for an easier, less stressful, more smooth-running life.

When know when things aren’t running smoothly at home the chaos, stress and uncertainty affects everyone.

We understand the frustration, isolation and confusion that comes with living with disabilities.


That’s why we’re here!

We work with you to create solutions for your family and know how important it is to have practical support in place.

We simplify and take the stress out of dealing with government and community support systems. We help you navigate the maze of funding options and support services.

We know it’s hard to navigate the system when you are in survival mode dealing with the day-to-day crises that come with ill health and disability.

We’ve done it ourselves so we can help you to drive the process. 

We’re here when you need us, someone to rely on when no-one else is listening.

We’re about more than just navigating the system.

Life is not lived in silos . . .

We know disability and chronic illness has a ripple effect across the whole family.

We create solutions that consider everyone in your family.

Whether you are looking for support under the NDIS, wellbeing support, a listening ear or simply a community to connect to, will help!


Our online community is a safe space for parents & carers to come together, share experiences, seek help & support one another.

A safe space free of judgment and full of unconditional positive support.

Enjoy live chats, hints & tips with dedicated support from our Founder, Cassie Day.


Check out our personally created tools and resources that will support you and your family.

Meal Planners | Hospital Checklists | Medication Charts | Specialist Questions | and more!

Keep an eye out for our Exclusive Membership accessible under Capacity Building in your NDIS funding package.


NDIS – Support Coordination

Mentoring & Life Skills Support

Personal Training & Mobility Support

Advocacy & Carer Wellbeing Support

Home Assistance, Organisation, Planning and other services accessible under NDIS funding.

Cassie provides an amazingly positive environment for carers of all sorts of illnesses and disabilities. A safe place to let go of all the failures and celebrate all the triumphant times, too. Many support groups tend to harbour lots of negativity because basically, everyone is having a rough time, however Cassie always finds a way to make sure that you leave feeling uplifted, cared for, and also helps you see that a failure is really your success.

Theonie, Wife, Mum & Unpaid Family Carer

Cassie always knows, and says exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. I always turn to Cassie when I need advice or help, she is always so helpful and understanding. She has an amazing way with people and I am so glad that I have someone like her that I can talk too.

Cassie has an amazing way with words, she has really helped me through some tough times with her incredible knowledge, and her ability to help you get past them.

I believe Cassie is one of the most genuine, caring and helpful people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Her understanding and knowledge of all things big and small is truly inspiring. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her, and she always gives the most honest advice followed up with continued support.

Kirsty, Mum & Unpaid Family Carer



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